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this was sent to a guy i know...

We were at Beth's for a teen devo and it was getting really dark outside so we all decided to play hide and go seek outside. SO we all get outside and me and you hide together and we go way out so that they will never find us! So we get to a clearing in the woods and you looked at me and i was cold out so my nipples were sticking out an inch i looked at you and saw you looking at my boobs so i looked down at your huge dick and it was sticking straight out so you saw me looking at it so you said ya wanna go have some fun kristina. and i siad hell yeah. so you take my spegetti strap shirt off and then my bra and you suck on my nipples. Then i take your shirt off and lick all the way down your cheast. Then you take my shorts off and then my thong. then i take off your pants and then jack you off just to get you started. and then i suck your dick until you have the biggest orgsm you've ever had. i got on top of you and we hump long and hard up dwn up and down FASTER HARDER i scream. You scream my name over and over. We have the best sex of our lives. we are both covered!! then i woke up. lol.sorry it was kinda short but it was a pretty good dream!! I"ll talk to you later!! luvyou, Kristina

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