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RomanJokes...an LJ community!
720 records, a.f.i, adam panic, aesop rock, anatomy of a ghost, anchorage, androgyny, athena in hades, atmosphere, atticus, baseball shirts, before braille, belle and sebestian, billy talent, bjork, bleed the dream, blink-182, boi, bois, boxcar racer, brandon parkhurst, brendan raasch, brian molko, brodiepunk, cascara, chris cote, co&ca, coheed and cambria, dead famous, demandie, driving aimlessly, drowning the sun, emo fashion, emo girls, emo pictures, emoxcore, eyedea and abilities, fallen stars forgotten, fallout boy, fifteen minutes fast, five minute ride, five speed, flickerstick, free stuff, gatsby's american dream, gauged ears, hand hearts, heartbreak, hooligans, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, hurley, hxc, hxc shows, idlewild, ima robot, indie girls, interpol, jason lee, jonah's onelinedrawing, joy division, jurassic 5, karen o, kut u up, last weeks hero, left in silence, life in pictures, local bands, long drive home, lost prophets, lovexcore, lyric, macbeth shoe co, mallrats, mark hoppus, marysville, meads coffee house, megtron, micah mattson, mixtapes/cds, modest mouse, my band, nokia, northern california bands, not quite bernadette, not quite burnadette, old man pants, old school, old school vans, our cure the rocketship, photoshop, placebo, pop-punk, pretty girls make graves, ray rude, red top road, repeat repeat, robert smith, roman jokes, rude rude rude, rufio, sacramento, same way again, scary kids scaring kids, screamo, screamo kids, screamo shows, second record ransom, shoes, shortie, skate shoes, skateboarding, slow lorries, snowboarding, snowskating, son atlas, sour twists, still life projector, swingsets, taking pictures, tears, tenfold, the aquabats, the bled, the blood brothers, the caustic, the cure, the juliana theory, the transplants, the underground, thursday, to kill a mockingbird, tom delonge, toyota tercel, trannies, transgender, travis barker, vagabond blues, vendetta red, wakeboarding, web design, white collared criminals, yeah yeah yeahs, yovee, yuba city, zao, zero point six, zil dearest, zoning out